Top Industries That Use Commercial Portable Cold Storage Units and Has It Changed Over Time

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Commercial portable cold storage units are key components to many industries.

Nation-wide grocery stores could not function without their aid. Science and research industries need this tool for best practices. Even IT and electronic companies use cold storage to prevent overheating.

But is has not always been this way.

Grocery stores have long understood the need to maintain fresh, lasting products. Yet, science and technology lagged in emerging in this market.

Still, all are currently the top industries that use commercial portable cold storage units. Below is a further explanation on the needs and uses of such tools and their growth over time.

Grocery & Food Industry

In 2015 there was a reported 4.7 billion cubic feet worth of cold storage space in food and agriculture alone. Predictions indicated this measure would continue to rise over time.

It did rise, largely due to the changes in consumption habits of millennials. dramatically. By the end of 2016, consumers under age 40 were consuming 52% more fresh and 59% more frozen vegetables.

This indicates the need for suppliers to meet the demand of fresh, healthy options. Thus, the need for the food industry to invest in refrigerated containers to do so.

Science & Research 

Day-to-day operations of many science and research labs already use temperature control.

In 2013, the EU made a drastic shift in the pharmaceutical world. The EU set a global standard by extending temperature requirements of medical products.

This influenced other countries to regulate shipment and storage. The United States was next in line to adopt this practice.

Cold storage is crucial to the lifespan and function of pharmaceuticals and over the counter medicines. This makes commercial portable cold storage units an important investment.

IT & Electronics 

Data centers are essentially homes for many servers at a time. Crammed into small spaces, servers have to perform big jobs 24/7.

Emphasis on crammed – server rooms are usually too small for everything that gets put inside.

This can take a lot of energy. The energy, in turn, can create a lot of heat.

Solution? A commercial portable cold storage unit.

The cooling effects can regulate the environment for hard-working servers via temperature control. This is crucial to many operations in a business.

Data centers house essential and non-essential systems that run on a strict schedule. They need to be at a consistent top performance.

When overheating becomes an issue, things can get bad fast. Just ask Emerson College’s IT team circa 2013.

The portable aspect allows for easy transport. Think moving warehouses, replacing old servers, expanding data centers and server rooms, and more. The easier the ability to transport, the better when the need presents itself.


Find Your Commercial Portable Cold Storage Units

No matter the industries discussed above, it is clear to see commercial portable cold storage units are on the rise for good reason. They are long lasting, economical, and energy-efficient. Plus, they make transport a breeze.

Available to buy or rent, there is no excuse to put off finding the right unit to fit your company’s demand for years to come.