3 Reasons to Invest in a Cold Storage Warehouse

3 Reasons to Invest in a Cold Storage Warehouse

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The Cold Storage Warehouse: Refridgeration Meets Storage


A cold storage warehouse is a refrigerated facility kept between -45°F to 45°F.

Sub-temperatures prevent items from spoiling, which is caused by bacteria, enzymatic processes, and bruising.

These facilities are often used for agriculture and meat products, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and electronics that need to be stored for extended periods of time.

The frozen food industry makes $53.06 billion dollars in sales within the United States. It will reach $306 billion in global sales by 2020.

These facilities provide continual operation during seasonal peak-times, allowing growers and producers to work year-round.

This article will share three benefits of a cold storage warehouse, and explain why it is a smart investment for any business.


A Cold Storage Warehouse Reduces Waste

Construction of a cold storage facility uses flexible blueprints. Products stored come in many shapes, sizes, and temperature requirements. The facilities are tailored to meet the needs of many top industries.

The adjustable temperature allows the facility to hold many types of products without wasting space. Structural go-tos are low or high-lying ceilings and vertical constructions.

Cold storage warehouse operations have shifted toward automation to reduce cost. Automated machinery working in sub-zero conditions minimizes the heat caused by personnel. This reduction in body heat improves cooling regulations.

Large facilities use robust inventory management, which allow them to track every product and create a rotation for freshness. Management helps prevent common problems associated with freezing.


The Chill Provides Higher Quality Products

Food products (such as fruits and vegetables) continue to change after harvest due to natural chemicals. Freezing these perishable foods stops the chemical reaction process and keeps the items ripe and fresh.

The chill also maintains quality, despite the distance a product may travel.

Exotic and foreign products are readily available thanks to the freezing process. Freezing provides an opportunity for Americans to obtain products that would otherwise be unavailable in their location.


It Offers Extensive Functionality

Ideal placement of a cold storage warehouse is near an area of growth or production. This placement proves beneficial for the transportation fleet. Close proximity to the production location reduces the chance of products thawing or the restarting of the chemical reactions that create spoilage.

Other functions of these facilities include:

  • Rapid reduction in temperature that turns the area into a drying room or blast freezer.
  • Adjustable temperature used for dehumidifying.

Facilities also introduce functionality through a selection of modular, regulator, medium-sized, and combination rooms. These various options provide a range of solutions for businesses.


Experience It on a Small Scale

Cold storage has walk-in freezers to large facilities.

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