40′ Used Hi-Cube Refrigerated Containers

Carrier and Thermoking Refrigeration Systems
440 volt 3 Phase Power Required
220 volt 3 Phase Transformers Available for Rental Only

Dimensions and Electrical Specifications

External Width - 8'
External Height - 9'6"
External Length - 40'

Internal Width - 7'5"
Internal Height - 8'3"
Internal Length - 38'

Cubic Capacity - 2,338 Cubic Feet

Electrical Requirements

220 volt or 440 volt 3 Phase Power Required
at 220 volt - 50 Amp Dedicated Circuit Breaker Required
at 440 volt - 30 Amp Dedicated Circuit Breaker Required
4 Wire - # 8 Guage

These used 40' high cube refrigerated containers make ideal cold mini-warehouses. They have been built to last and although the shipping companies have phased them out of service, they still have plenty of useful life left. Our reefer technicians have carefully examined the mechanical components of these units and they are "tuned up" or "pre-tripped" to 0° Fahrenheit and ready to hold your valuable cold commodities. Equipped with adjustable thermostats for your required temperature setting, these powerful refrigeration systems can maintain temperatures between -5 to + 65 degrees Fahrenehit.

No foundation is necessary. Just level the container at the time of delivery, hook up the electrical supply and turn them on. With an interior height of 8'3" and a cubic capacity of over 2,300 cubic feet they can accomodate 18 pallets of cargo. They come with rugged aluminum t-rail flooring that is designed to withstand forklifts and palletjack traffic.


- 220 or 440 volt 3 Phase Power

- 2,338 Cubic Feet

- Stainless Steel Interior Walls

- Aluminum T-rail Flooring

- Carrier or Thermoking Units

- 30, 60, and 90 Warranties

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