Used 20′ & 40′ Insulated Containers

We modify used insulated containers for a variety of uses. Insulated storage containers are ideal for the storage of materials that are heat sensitive and require temperature-controlled enviroments, such as fine art, furniture, wines, etc. Normal dry steel containers heat up during hot summer days and that heat remains trapped in the container and can cause shrinkage and other problems for your goods.

During hot summer and fall months temperature-sensitive products require specialized storage. We install a wide variety of temperature-controlled air conditioners and heaters in order to maintain a constant temperature. These insulated containers are actually non-working refrigerated containers that are originally insulated with high density foam to R-40 and can be customized to your specifications

Temperature-Controlled Storage

Wine Storage
Film Achives
Artifact Storage
Candy Storage
Document Storage
Furniture & Fine Arts
Electronic Components
Hospital Supplies

Modifications Available

Wall Mount Air Conditioners
RV Roof Top Air Conditioners
Electrical Outlets
Lighting Fixtures
Personel Doors
Plywood Floor Overlays
Thermostatic Vents
Roll-up Doors

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