About ColdBox
Cold Box providing you with the best solution for your cold storage needs

Cold Box is the nation’s leading temporary refrigeration company. Our custom designed cold boxes with state of the art, energy efficient commercial refrigeration systems are the best walk-in coolers and freezers in the industry, and with over 40 years of total experience between our two regional managers, our service is as exceptional as our products. With commercial refrigeration as our company’s sole focus, Cold Box is dedicated to providing you with the best solution for your cold storage needs.

Our Story

In 2009, we founded Cold Box to utilize used refrigerated containers that had been retired from the international shipping industry, but quickly realized their limitations as effective long-term solutions for continued use as cold storage solutions. They were extremely noisy and used an inordinate amount of energy each month with their bottom-feed cold air system that requires 440 volts 3 phase power. Their double locking doors were difficult to open and they had t-rail flooring that was inconvenient for carts and shelving. They also required qualified maritime-based refrigeration mechanics to service and repair them, making them an awkward solution to the needs of our commercial customers.

We saw that the growing market for temporary cold storage required a product that would circumvent these issues and with a more efficient solution. We started building our own cold boxes with easy-open doors, interior emergency release, flat floors, lighting and commercial refrigeration systems that were easy to repair and energy efficient. In addition, it became apparent to us that in order to satisfy the requirements of various local and state health departments it was necessary to have our cold boxes certified by the NSF for food storage.

Our new commercial refrigeration systems require only 208/240 volts single phase power and require only a fraction of the energy consumed by refrigerated shipping containers. They are much quieter, but still offer the same powerful refrigeration capacity necessary to maintain temperatures as low as -10°F in even the hottest environments.

We have provided cold storage for the aerospace, biotech, food, and beverage industries, as well as schools and universities, events, museums, and hospitals for over 20 years. Currently servicing the entire state of California, we plan to expand our service to Phoenix and Las Vegas in the near future.