Cold Box provides the best customer service in the cold storage industry, with expert delivery drivers capable of difficult drop-offs and installations, and experienced servicemen on emergency call within 24 hours, 7 days a week. Call today and one of our salesmen will visit your location to ensure that our products are the perfect solution for your unique needs. Consider the advantages of a refrigerated container rental or purchase:

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Cold Boxes rental at the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco


All of our products are available for rentals, making Cold Box a perfect solution for start up businesses and short term scenarios such as events or temporary cold storage during renovations. Because we reserve only our best products for leasing, please consider the advantages of a cold box or refrigerated container rental:

  • 比建造一個新大樓便宜
  • 便利的可用性
  • 節能靜音
  • 維修範圍
  • Semi-annual preventive maintenance servicing
  • NSF certified for food safety
  • 易於設置
  • Unique 20′ combo and 30′  single phase models available
  • 提供208 / 230V單相50 A
  • 24/7緊急服務
  • 特別送貨和安裝到您站點的任何位置
  • Pay month-to-month
  • Lease for any duration between one week and two years.
Refrigerated container rental at Marine Mammal Center
全新和二手20英尺和40英尺冷藏運輸集裝箱的Cold Box購買


We offer new and used 20’ and 40’ refrigerated shipping containers for purchase. These powerful units are manufactured for shipping use, but may be the perfect solution for your cold storage needs. We run vigorous tests on all of our products to ensure that all of our products are reliable and efficient.

  • 380/440V three phase 30 amp power requirement
  • 轉售價值
  • Depreciation value tax deductions
  • 4 year manufacturer warranty for new refrigerated containers
  • 二手冷藏集裝箱零件和人工的60天保修